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Joel Solomon / Wikimedia Commons 

Same sport, different pay

Though newspapers across the US, concerned activists, and even Princeton University itself decry the sexism in society in past and present against women, they nevertheless show evident favoritism in promoting men’s sports and in discreetly and subtly denouncing women’s athletics. This indifference only feeds the toxic anti-female environments that flourish around the world.


Photo Credit: rawpixels

Making an effort

We now have to take the initiative to maintain our relationships — with everyone, from friends to professors to love interests. While this lesson is especially clear in quarantine, this is also the case in life.

OPINION | April 29

Gabe Lipkowitz / The Daily Princetonian

Requiem for studio culture

With Princeton’s transition to digital classes, we lost the physicality of the studio, and all the experiences that come with it. We are still expected to make models and drawings, which may compensate for what we have lost academically, but that doesn't account for the Murray-Dodge runs and the scavenging through leftover catering from a special conference or guest lecture.

OPINION | April 22

Harsimran Makkad

A tale of two cultures

Many academic awards select winners using predetermined criteria. Committees evaluate students’ accomplishments on the same abstract scale. This approach seems egalitarian: everyone plays on the same field. In practice, though, it ignores substantial cultural divides between fields of study that affect class arrangements, study habits, relationships with professors, the amount of free time they have, and how they spend it. 

OPINION | April 16