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The Editorial Board

Current Editorial Board of the 145th Managing Board 


Mollika Jai Singh ’24


Shannon Chaffers ’22

Won-Jae Chang ‘24

Kristal Grant ’24

Harsimran Makkad ’22

AG McGee ’22

Collin Riggins ‘24

Zachary Shevin ’22

145th Board Mission Statement

The Editorial Board of The Daily Princetonian writes on its own accord. The Board lends the ‘Prince’ a singularly compelling institutional voice. It comprises managing editors, Opinion editors, and an Opinion columnist. We will approach our mission with forethought, resolve, and honesty. We will not shy away from challenging topics.

We reach consensus through a process of debate and research. For a piece to be published, six of the eight members of our Board must agree on the views presented. In an effort to be transparent, we will publish the dissenting opinions of any members who disagree with our stance. We welcome letters to the editor to ensure that the community hears from a variety of perspectives. 

The Board does not claim to represent the diverse viewpoints of the dozens of writers, editors, and staff members who make up the ‘Prince.’ We take the division between our news and editorial operations seriously and have measures in place to guarantee that the Editorial Board’s stance on any given topic will never influence our reporting. This year, Mollika Singh ’24 will serve as the Board’s chair, in which capacity she has no authority over news coverage.

We seek to render visible perspectives that students at large would not otherwise see across the communities that make up Princeton, in addition to weighing in on ongoing debates. We will hold ourselves to this obligation by publishing twice a month; we will not shield ourselves in silence. The Board exists to affirm the ‘Prince’ as part of the University community and critically examine the world around us. 

The current policy set out on this page was drafted, formalized, and made public by the 145th Board in January 2021. It will be updated as the Board sees fit with updates publicized to our readers when necessary.  

Chair Appointment

The Editorial Board has one chair, who is appointed by the Editor-in-Chief. For the 142nd and 143rd Boards, the Editorial Board had two chairs, the Editor-in-Chief and the head opinion editor. In the 141st Board, the chair was the Editor-in-Chief.

Topic Selection

Editorial Board members meet each week to discuss ideas and decide the topics about which the Editorial Board will write opinions, by unanimous vote.


A recusal from the signing of an editorial is necessary for a board member if the member has a conflict of interest or lack of impartiality on a topic, group, or action being discussed in a given editorial. A recusal does not exempt the board member from discussing, writing, or editing the editorial. It only exempts them from being a signatory on the published piece. A recusal is agreed upon by the board member and the Editorial Board as a whole.


Occasionally, board members disagree on the final opinion. In these cases, objecting board members must write a dissent. A board member must announce their dissent to the Board prior to publication of both the editorial in question and the subsequent dissent. A dissent is an opposition piece written in opposition to a piece written by the Editorial Board. A dissenting member of the Editorial Board is welcome in the discussion, but not the writing or editing of the editorial. 

Former Editorial Board Chairs (Under current structure)

Sarah Sakha ’18, 141st Board

Marcia Brown ’19 and Emily Erdos ’19, 142nd Board

Chris Murphy ’20 and Cy Watsky ’21, 143rd Board

Zachariah Sippy, 144th Board

For more information about our policies, or to contact us about any of our editorials, please email editorialboard145@dailyprincetonian.com.