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The Editorial Board

Current Editorial Board of the 142nd Managing Board 

Board Chairs

Marcia Brown ’19

Emily Erdos '19 

Board Members

Sam Aftel ’20

Isabel Hsu ’19

Crystal Liu '19

Jon Ort ’21

Sam Parsons ’19

Sebastian Quiroz '20

Dora Zhao ’21

About the Board 

The Daily Princetonian Editorial Board is an independent body within the paper that decides and articulates its own position on campus, local, domestic, and international issues that have a special and important impact on Princeton University. The Editorial Board’s purpose is to educate and inform the Princeton community through editorial analysis and argument. Members of the Editorial Board aim to incorporate diverse perspectives into their editorials. 

The Board is composed of senior editors and selected students not otherwise affiliated with the ‘Prince.’ Published pieces are known as staff editorials, and are considered the opinion of our publication. Historically, this is also known as editorial policy. The Board does not currently have a set schedule for publishing editorials.  

The current policy set out on this page was drafted, formalized, and made public by the 142nd Board in January 2019. It will be updated as the Board sees fit with updates publicized to our readers when necessary.  

Chair Appointment

The Editorial Board has two chairs. One of the chairs is always the current Editor-in-Chief. The other chair will be appointed by the Editor-in-Chief, but is typically the head opinion editor.


The Editorial Board of The Daily Princetonian is composed of senior editors on the managing board and outside members, chosen from the current student body, are selected by editorial board members after an application process.

Topic Selection

Editorial Board members meet each week to discuss ideas and decide which topics about which the Editorial Board should write opinions. In-person discussions are preferred, but digital communication for time sensitive topics is used as well.


In Undergraduate Student Government elections, the editorial board will interview candidates in a standardized fashion and make an endorsement based on the editorial board members’ opinions of who will be best for the position at hand. 


A recusal from the signing of an editorial is necessary for a board member if the member has a conflict of interest or lack of impartiality on an topic, group, or action being discussed in a given editorial. A recusal does not exempt the board member from discussing, writing, or editing the editorial. It only exempts them from being a signatory on the published piece. A recusal is agreed upon by the board member and the Editorial Board as a whole.


Abstentions occur when a member of the Board decides that they neither want to support or dissent from an editorial. An abstention is chosen and announced by the board member him or herself. An abstention exempts the board member from writing or editing the editorial.


Occasionally, board members disagree on the final opinion. In these cases, objecting board members may write a dissent. A board member must announce their dissent to the Board prior to publication of both the editorial in question and the subsequent dissent. A dissent is an opposition piece written in opposition to a piece written by the Editorial Board. A dissenting member of the Editorial Board is welcome in the discussion, but not the writing or editing of the editorial. 

Former Editorial Board Chairs (Under current structure)

Sarah Sakha ’18, 141st Board

Marcia Brown ’19 and Emily Erdos ’19, 142nd Board

For more information about our policies, or to contact us about any of our editorials, please email