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Connect with Sia Partners: Merging Consulting with AI and Big Data

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Summary: Learn more about how Sia Partners oversees the convergence of technologies like big data and AI to create the future of consulting on a global scale. 

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For most consultants, the novel spreadsheet is the consumer of the majority of their day. But as companies move towards new technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, consulting increasingly becomes an art, centered around harnessing the most pioneering technology of today to solve business’s most pressing problems for tomorrow.

At Sia Partners, a global management consulting company with offices in eighteen countries, making the most new technology drives their working philosophy. Artificial intelligence, for example, lies at the core of Sia’s innovative approach to consulting. In the name of embracing such technology, the company even built four centers designed to streamline its deployment of artificial intelligence to clients. But because pioneering technology hardly ends with AI, consultancies go above and beyond to introduce all types of innovations into their client experiences.

Sia Partners, for example, recently assisted in the designing of a crypto-currency bank, using new technology to maximize security and accessibility of assets. Groundbreaking services like Crypto-Asset management and the implementation of advanced blockchain become the norm, with similar technologies being deployed in sectors like banking, finance, insurance, energy, media, health, transport, and industry.


The Internet of Things (IoT) is another technology which Sia Partners welcomed. As a technological wave transforming business, IoT offers the potential to disrupt markets and change the way administration, data collection and analysis takes place. Sia uses these tools to help clients in sectors like transportation, utilities, construction, and smart building find innovative solutions and gain an advantage in an ever more technologically dependent economy.

As business becomes increasingly dependent on technology, and new technology at that, working with cutting edge consultancies like Sia Partners provides insight like no other. Key to success in business is dependent, now more than ever, or companies’ abilities to embrace innovation and technology, just as Sia Partners has done and continues to do.

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