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Tara Shirazi


The Act of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a flurry of orange and red cornucopia cardboard cutouts stuck onto supermarket windows and kindergarteners waving turkey-themed arts and crafts at their parents. Thanksgiving, for us, began with Dranksgiving and ended with Cyber Monday, an almost weeklong period of absolute excess. It’s not just Princeton. Overeating and overspending are ubiquitous at this time of year.

Freshman Falls

Last Monday, it rained. My roommate and I knew it would, even before opening the blinds, because our carpet started getting moist and our posters started to slouch and sag. I’m walking to Frist Campus Center, where I have a meeting. In my hands, I have a freshly baked chocolate-chip cookie from Murray-Dodge Cafe wrapped in a napkin. I approach the exit gates of Prospect Garden. I can see the columns outside of Frist, plastered with posters advertising drag balls and a peer nightline.