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A condemnation of Finkelstein’s conduct from members of AJP

Conversations about Palestinian rights far too often become centered on unfounded accusations of anti-Semitism. While this event was perverted by Finkelstein’s genuinely anti-Semitic and offensive remark, which we condemn without reservation, we are at the same time dismayed that his comments have made this necessary condemnation the focus of the event’s aftermath. 

Letter from Whig-Clio student leaders regarding the visit of Amy Wax

Decisions regarding the re-invitation of Wax are and have always been out of our hands. We condemn the idea that we owe professional courtesy to a white supremacist. However, given both the Trustees’ absolute control over Whig-Clio’s budget decisions and the ephemerality of student leadership relative to the Trustees’ long-lasting tenures, a disinvitation from us would be futile.

Stop and think before you celebrate the new Woodrow Wilson marker

Tomorrow the University will unveil a new marker on campus about Woodrow Wilson called “Double Sights.” In the meantime, inside the school that bears Wilson’s name, students are waiting for the administration to fulfill its commitment to diversity and inclusion. This is not a time to celebrate; when viewed in the proper context, the marker emerges as a monument to the University’s moral failure in dealing with Wilson’s legacy and should be seen accordingly.  

What is a belief?

 We cling tight to the innocence of our beliefs because we think they make us who we are.

Housing Office works to improve, listen and engage

We are mindful of the challenges that some students experienced at the end of the last academic year and we look forward to the opportunities that the new academic year presents to deepen our work with and support of our students - opportunities to improve, opportunities to listen and opportunities to engage.

Princeton’s excellence depends on the free exchange of ideas

Free speech at Princeton includes the right to acts of peaceful dissent, protests in peaceable assembly, and orderly demonstrations. Such protests and demonstrations strengthen the fabric of our community by pushing all of us to consider different points of view and reconsider our own ideas.

Kuczynski and the revolving door curse

I recently graduated from the Masters in Public Affairs (MPA) program at the Woodrow Wilson School, where Kuczynski studied in the early 1960s and who, in 2017, was awarded the James Madison Medal. As a graduate MPA, I hope that the school will undertake even greater efforts to educate its students on the fundamental ethical responsibilities that come with exercising public office.


Film -- The Humanism in "Her"

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