The Editorial Board

The Daily Princetonian Editorial Board is an independent body within the paper that decides on and articulates its own position on campus, local, domestic, and international issues that have a special and important impact on Princeton University. The purpose of the Editorial Board is to educate the Princeton community through insightful analysis and argumentation and to draw the community’s attention to issues it might otherwise be unaware of. Moreover, members of the Editorial Board aim to incorporate a variety of diverse perspectives into their editorials.

The Board decides its opinions separately from the regular staff and editors of The Daily Princetonian, but it is composed of both editors from the masthead and students not otherwise affiliated with the 'Prince.'

Board members can choose to support editorials, abstain, dissent, or recuse themselves. Abstentions occur when a member of the Board decides that they neither want to support or dissent from an editorial. Every member of the Board has the ability to dissent when they strongly disagree with the position taken by the majority of the Board. Recusals are necessary when a member of the Board feels that he or she cannot offer an unbiased opinion on a topic because of a conflict of interest or any other reason.

For more information about our policies, or to contact us about any of our editorials, please email

Emily Erdos '19 
Crystal Liu '19
Grace Rehaut '18
Connor Pfeiffer '18
Sebastian Quiroz '20
Ashley Reed '18 
Nicholas Wu '18
Sarah Sakha '18
Samuel Garfinkle '19