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Well, it's Thursday again, and quite the drab and dreary one...lucky for you, two super awesome unique bands are breaking it down in Terrace F Club TONIGHT. Come out and see The Howler Weary, a group of local dudes from Livingston, NJjust making some sweet sweet music, and Protomartyr, Detroit's austere-rock post-punk quartet (guaranteed to make your heart race).

Here's a brief lowdown of my thoughts:

The Howler Weary --oh sweet autumn nostalgia.

Gold and orange strands of sunlight soon to pale and fade, evening breezes, left-over heartbreak from the hot summer. Yes, summer residuals. Alt-rock with a folk tinge? Sweet, soft, smooth. Nostalgic yet sage. (Check out "Fields" for that imagery)

In their sound you may hear some: Iron and Wine, Band of Horses, the Black Keys, Red Hot Chili peppers, Bob much going on here. So much goodness.

Absolutely loved the simple ballad of "When I'm Lovin' You." Beautiful earnest and affection-filled vocals, contemplative chords.

Some lyrics: "When we were just 15 we were loving machines" "There ain't a thing to be said...when I'm loving you, yeah darling."


For something a little sultrier and sassier give "Black Mamba" a listen.

Protomartyr--Damn. Powerful.

GET UP AND MOVE. Warm, full chords feel like blood coursing through your veins. Add percussion and the blood's rushing to your head, you can hear it pulsing. Dizzy fast guitar riffs. Vertigo ensues. (Check out "In My Sphere" for some of this feel)

Darker sound, a slightly ominous quality, some garage rock-y vibes--but more mature. There is edge, there is frustration. But there is a self-aware, contemplative quality to their songs, the throaty warm voice of the vocalist has been there done that and is almost like, asking you (well, yelling at you) to get up, act, experience things for yourself, LIVE. (Check out "Scum Rise" or "Whatever Happened to the Saturn Boys?")

Reminds me a bit of: Woolfmother's "Vagabond" with a bit of an Interpol vibe. In "Come & See" there is almost some 2014 Arcade Fire going on. The way the songs break into huge crescendos of instrumentation call to mind The Joy Formidable. (Check out "Ypsilanti" for that)


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