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Window broken by deer at Wu Hall.

By Benjamin Ball

A deer smashed through a first floor window into Wu Hall early Saturday afternoon, leaving a large amount of broken glass on the floor.

The deer entered the east side of Wu, through a window behind the card swipe station facing Wilcox Hall, before climbing up the stairs to the second-floor lobby. Public Safety officers quickly closed off the building and stationed themselves around the area.

Paul Schorin ’19 was on his way to meet some friends in Wu when they told him, “Don’t come — there’s a deer.”

“I was like, ‘Oh, they must be joking; my friends are so kooky,’ but they weren’t,” said Schorin. “As I look up, I see there’s a deer staring at me through the window of where the college office and the dining hall is.”

Paige Allen ’21 was returning from brunch in Whitman College and walking back to her dorm when she saw all of the Public Safety officers on the scene.

Allen is a staff copy editor for The Daily Princetonian.

“I was originally really concerned because I saw a lot of PSafe officers and after what just happened at Panera, I was worried about what might be going on,” said Allen. “Paul Schorin was sitting here, and he was like, ‘There’s a deer in there, Paige.’”

Schorin saw the deer hitting its head against the window in the attempt to get out again, but to no avail. Animal control was called to the scene and attempted to coax the deer out of the building. 

Allen then returned to her dorm room in Wilson College, where she could get a better look at Wu from her window. She watched as the animal control officers tried to shepherd the deer down the stairs.

After its failed attempts to exit the building, the deer “calmed down a bit and [animal control] started feeding him apples,” said Schorin. “Then at the end he just ran out on his own power.”

The deer had some difficulty descending the staircase, but it eventually managed to exit the doors on the first floor of Wu, where it took off through an arch of 1915 Hall and over Whitman’s hill.

Allen watched the deer’s exit: “The deer just kind of trotted out on its own.”

“I was happy to see it wasn’t injured or anything,” said Allen. “[I] thought it was quite a drop from the window, but it didn’t look injured or anything; it just left.”

Assistant Vice President of Communications Dan Day said the deer suffered minor cuts, as there was a small amount of blood to be cleaned up in Wu.

“We presume the deer will go on to live a long life,” Day said.

Day said that the deer crashing into the window in Wu was the second such event he knew of in his six years here, referencing last year when a deer crashed into Forbes College. Day expressed his happiness that the story ended well for the deer.

“I hope they swiped its meal card,” Day joked. “I’ll check with Campus Dining.”

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