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To the Editor, 

As a Princetonian in the 1980s, neither I nor any of my friends had any fear of losing a year of school due to a mistake. Yet we abided by the stated rules of the Honor Code as today's students do.  Unfortunately, the Honor System as a whole has clearly mutated from a system based on respect to one based on fear.

The fault for this should not be placed at the feet of the current committee members.  The change in practice probably happened over a period of decades.  At this point, however, a drastic correction seems necessary.

I support the proposals because they have a chance at alleviating some of the current madness.  However, institutional memory will still be a problem.  It is in our nature to hire people who agree with us. I therefore recommend that if the current referenda pass, students consider lessening the control of hiring new committee members by current committee members.

Andrew Berman ’88

Andrew Berman is a Princeton alumnus from the Class of 1988. He can be reached at

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