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In a partnership between the Yearbook Agency and The Daily Princetonian, readers of the ‘Prince’ will soon be able to view animated video footage with selected news headlines in the print paper. The  animations team of the Nassau Herald will produce the video, which will be able to be accessed via the Aurasma app.

Readers can download the app for free for iOS and Android.

In a press release, the Herald said they hope that the content will provide readers with “an interactive ‘new era’ perspective on printed newspapers.”

“We are taking the traditional morning paper and synchronizing it with the Aurasma platform to provide an entirely new experience twist on your morning routine,” the press release stated. ‘Prince’ articles  that can be accessed through the app will be marked, and readers will be able to point the camera of their smart devices at the print content in order to access it.

Hidden content will range from animated text and pictures to an extensive library of events on campus, such as Lawnparties. The content will only be available in printed versions of the ‘Prince.’

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