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The first round of sign-ins for Charter Club, Cloister Inn, Colonial Club, Terrace Club, and Quadrangle Club ended Saturday, Jan. 30 at noon, but the Interclub Council decided not to release the acceptance numbers until the second round, according to ICC president Jean-Carlos Arenas ’16.

Charter president Lorena Grundy ’17, Cloister president Samuel Smiddy ’17, Colonial president Christopher Yu ’17, and Terrace president Nicholas Horvath ’17 declined to comment on the numbers, citing the ICC's decision.

Quad president Yekaterina Panskyy ’17did not respond to request for comment.

Arenas explained that the sign-in club presidents agreed to not disclose first-round numbers this year, adding that students should join eating clubs based on their previous experiences there and their interactions with members, and not based on the sign-in numbers.

“The first round numbers are incomplete and they don’t give an accurate representation at this time and we don’t want the numbers to unfairly affect anyone’s decision,” Arenas explained.

Arenas is a former chief copy editor and staff writer for The Daily Princetonian.

New members will continue to be accepted at all of the five sign-in eating clubs during the second round of sign-ins, whichwill begin Feb. 6 and end on Feb. 13 at noon.

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