Harvard faculty have approved the college’s first Honor Code,theHarvard Crimson reported.

With the new honor code, which will likely be put in place in the fall of 2015, students will be required to make a “regular affirmation of integrity.” The nature and frequency of the affirmation of the honor code have not yet been determined.

However, exams will still be proctored, a key difference from the Princeton Honor Code.

According to the Crimson, the code will lay out “formal expectations for academic integrity” and create a new student-faculty/administrator judicial “Honor Board” to hear violations of these expectations.

Discussions about creating an honor code began nearly two years ago in the wake of the Harvard cheating scandal in fall of 2012, in which over 100 students were investigated for cheating.

“The impact will probably be small, but I think over time it will help to create that culture shift where people really value academic integrity and personal integrity,” Harvard Undergraduate Council Vice President Sietse K. Goffard said.

Yale will now be the only school in the Ivy League that does not yet have an honor code. Last fall, the Yale Daily News reported that the school was not considering implementing an honor code.

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