Flo Rida, a hip-hop artist, is currently performing at the 25th reunion tent. The concert is expected to last no longer than an hour and a half.

Multiple members of the Class of 1989 told The Daily Princetonian earlier Thursday that Flo Rida was expected to perform, although this was initially meant to be a private concert for tent attendees and their guests.

The decision to open up the concert was a "class decision" according to a sources familiar with the situation.

The tent is located in Whitman College, as has been customary in previous years.

One of Flo Rida’s most famous songs is “Low,” featuring T-Pain, which became popular around 2008.

Two years ago, Bon Jovi came to Princeton to perform at the 25th reunion. Last year, there was no popular artist at the 25th reunion tent, although a Neil Diamond impersonator at the 50th tent fooled thousands of alumni and students.

Bon Jovi’s performance in 2012 was closed to the public, and only members of the Class of 1987 and their guests were allowed in. The same restrictions are expected tonight for Flo Rida’s performance.

Flo Rida was almost 10 years old when the members of the Class of 1989 graduated from the University.

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