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Thirty-four students are running for class council or U-Council positions this year, USG president Shawon Jackson ’15 announced in an email to the undergraduate student body on Monday.

Of the 15 class council positions, nine are uncontested. Thirteen of the positions were uncontested last year, and only one was contested since the 2015 social chair position had no candidates.

“As always, we always wish there were less uncontested positions,” chief elections manager Amara Nnaeto ’17 said. “We always see a lot of turnout for freshmen, and then it really tapers off for the other grades because people get involved in other things.”

Incumbent Class of 2015 president Jonathan Ma ’15 will run against current Class of 2015 senator Mariana Bagneris ’15for president.

Samisha Bansal ’15will be the vice president, Jenna Newman ’15will be the social chair, Cordellia Orillac ’15will be the treasurer, and Yeri Lee ’15will be the secretary.

Incumbent Class of 2016 vice president Gwendolyn Lee ’16 will run against Kevin Lopez ’16 for vice president, and incumbent social chair James Weldon ’16will run against Alec Regulski ’16for social chair.

Justin Ziegler ’16 will be the Class of 2016 president, Richard Lu ’16 will be the treasurer, and Priya Krishnan ’16 will be the secretary.

Current class council member CJ Harris ’17 will run against fellow class council member Andrew Sun ’17 and Bradley Schneider ’17 for president, current class council member Luke Li ’17 will run against Ariel Hsing ’17 for social chair, and Hunter Dong ’17 will run against Caroline Snowden ’17 for treasurer.

Current class council member Nathan Suek ’17 will be the vice president and current class council member Nusrat Ahmed ’17 will be the secretary.

“It’s always a good thing that people are enjoying what they’re doing and want to continue to serve,” Nnaeto said of the number of current class council members running for reelection. “I just wish that more people would take the chance to run against an incumbent.”

The 12 candidates for the 10 U-Council positions include Albert Choi ’15, current U-Councilor Daniel Johnson ’15, current U-Councilor Zhan Okuda-Lim ’15, current U-Councilor Mallory Banks ’16, Jacob Cannon ’17, current U-Councilor Sol Taubin ’16, Daniel C. Mozley ’17, Chad Nuckols ’17,Dallas Nan ’16, Richard Chang ’17, current U-Councilor Katharine Clifton ’15 and Michael Cox ’17.

Johnson is a senior writer for The Daily Princetonian. Banks is a former writer for Street.

This number is lower than last year’s election, in which 18 students ran for the ten U-Council positions.

“I think we have a good number of people running for U-Councilor, though we had more last year,” Jackson said. “I think it shows us that for next year we need to do more outreach and more publicity about the class government positions, and make them more accessible to students.”

For the first time, the USG sent a nomination form to all undergraduate students so students could nominate others that they believed would be a good candidate. Jackson explained that those students who were nominated were not forced to run and still had to register if they were nominated, but added that nonetheless three of those nominated ended up running.

Nnaeto also spoke to a few lecture classes in order to encourage students to run for an elected position, which Jackson said he thinks helped with publicity.

Voting will begin next Monday.

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